Product Rendering: Why?

Why render anything? Why use 3D? Here’s my list of the most obvious reasons to consider FUSE for product rendering and then I’ll give you some more details as to why it’s so useful.

  • Editablity
  • Costs
  • Flexibility
  • Hassle Free
  • Scalability

Let’s go over each of these:

  • Editability: Let’s say FUSE renders your client’s shampoo bottles (example). There are five total. They all look perfect and they’re delivered on Photoshop layers with shadows broken out for easy use in print and online. Now, a year later the client introduces two new versions. They need to match exactly to the originals. No problem. We open the original files (think of that as a photo shoot that’s frozen in time) add the new bottles and render out the new additions. A perfect match.
  • Costs: This is a big one, right?  It just depends on the project. Usually, the more images the less per is the rule here. It’s just a scale issue. If there are 200 similar “parts” to be rendered, for example, the cost per item would be less than if there’s four of them. Ultimately, we wouldn’t be in business if it cost too much to do this. We work with companies from start-ups to Medtronic and everything in-between.
  • Flexibility: Now the client is asking if the images can move. Tell a little story or just show off a little on a social media feed. Again, no problem. We’ve already spent the time setting up the file. Doing a simple 360 or a more complex blow-a-part is common here. Since it’s all created in the same file there’s perfect symmetry with everything else. Think super branded campaign.
  • Hassle factor: I like this one. For many of our clients this is HUGE. No more standing around a super dull photo shoot all day taking pictures of widgets. Then sending them out for post production to get them cleaned up and cut out. Our clients just forward some CAD files, have a phone conversation of what they need and disappear. We do the rest. We keep our clients involved in the creating process all the way through. But it’s just through a web portal. When the job is done we upload the files and everyone gets what they need.
  • Scalability: Also very important. Most of our clients want to use the assets we create to live in many places. They get the best bang for the buck that way. Print, social media, TV, web sites, trade shows, outdoor, you name it. By creating everything in 3D we can make a picture perfect print campaign backed up with a killer sizzle animation for a trade show that can be cut down for a cool social media feed and web site. They all work together perfectly, because they’re all made from the same source. The “photo shoot” is the video shoot too. You can’t do that any other way.

Overall, the benefits are many. Being able to go back into a photo or video shoot after the fact is a game changer for all of our clients. The next time you’re looking for an image of a process or product, look us up first. You’ll be impressed how easy it is to work with FUSE.