Tintri: Creating Something From Nothing

Tintri Storage is a company that provides storage hardware for large and small companies. They came to us looking for nice clean still images of their product as well as an elegant animation. FUSE was the perfect partner for this type of request.

At FUSE we usually receive 3D CAD data from most of our clients for product animations and images. It’s the first thing we request. Getting those assets allows us to ensure absolute complete accuracy in the renderings as well as a cost savings to our clients. Occasionally, the client can’t get a hold of these CAD files for various reasons. This was the case for Tintri.

"The result of Fuse’s effort is a sizzle reel for Tintri’s all-flash storage. We use their videos and images at tradeshows to grab the attention of passers-by, in our marketing materials and even in sales presentations to drive home the idea that Tintri is a more elegant enterprise cloud solution."

Brian Houlihan - Creative Director, Tintri

Not an issue at FUSE.

Many companies would just turn down work like that. At FUSE, it’s all in a days work. We model it from scratch. Tintri send us a shipping pallet of physical servers to work from. Our artists took dozens of photos and measurements. It was just a matter of building these components in our computers. 


When we finished the client was extremely happy with the results. The images were perfect for their website and related marketing materials, and the animation lives on to attract new business.