Technical Illustrations for Sky Technologies

FUSE was recently contracted to create a stunning array of photo-realistic imagery for Sky Technologies new line of plug and play electrical receptacles. This is a perfect fit for FUSE and it’s 3D imaging expertise.

This is a great example of what we do here at FUSE. We take 3D CAD files supplied from our clients and work with that. These files are almost always already generated by engineers to manufacture the product. Often we speak directly to these engineers to be sure that CAD files is exactly what we need. Usually there’s no issue and these files import perfectly into our rendering system.

From there we start to build the images the client is looking for. We’re big believers in transparency between the client and our artists. The client drives the angles they need to see or maybe what features need to be made clear. The artist at FUSE spends some time working with the geometry of the file and establishing the materials and lighting.

With a couple rounds of revisions we end up with perfect photo-realistic imagery for any marketing material. Web, print, broadcast, mobile, outdoor, just about any use. The images are handed off in easy to use layered Photoshop files that are a snap to put in place wherever they need to be.

Take a look at Sky Technologies new website and see for yourself.