FUSE Animation is an elite team of multi-disciplined conceptual designers, editors, 3D artists and animators ~ based in Minneapolis, bent on replacing product photography.
We are abstract thinkers collaborating with our client partners to discover previously thought unachievable levels of visual inspiration in 3D animation, virtual photography and photo real custom illustrations.
Unlike traditional photography and video, we both accurately and beautifully display exactly what it is that sets your product apart from all the rest. We reveal your product’s most intricate features and benefits with our cutting-edge animation and virtual photography.
We are constantly analyzing and evolving our work in a perpetual state of improvement. In fact, we beta test all the software we use in order to have the best tools long before anyone else. FUSE Animation is at the forefront of the future of commercial imagery.
We are inspired forward thinking individuals with a passion for impacting all those around us with brilliant, jaw-dropping imagery for manufacturing companies, pharmaceutical companies, and advertising agencies among others. Call FUSE.

Ensuring your creative vision is carried out to the finest detail, on budget, and on time.

Like Protons, FUSE Animation is fast and positive, and like Neutrons, we’re stable, without too much charge.

And like the fusion of the two, our work explodes off the page blowing up your business’ ROI.


Alec Syme

President / Senior Creative Director
Founder of Fuse and mastermind behind everything that happens in the studio, Alec is on the bleeding-edge of anything related to rendering & lighting.


Chris Broeska

Executive Producer
The Man Behind the Curtain. Chris creates the strategy for projects, manages clients and artists, and gives the creative direction that helps our work take shape.


Shawn Letendre

Lead Technical Director
Technical genius of the shop. Everything from custom programming, particle or fluid simulations, or just very difficult animation, Shawn gets it done.


Joe Marx

Project Lead / Lead Modeller
Employee of the month so many times that we had to come up with an Employee of the Year award, Joe leads the way in just about anything that needs doing.


Josh Grundmeier

Creative Lead / Rendering TD
Literally a wizard. Josh is master of the rendering domain and expert in all things lighting and color. When it needs to look perfect, he’s the one to call.


Shawn Frueh

Jr Technical Artist / Plugin Developer
Mathematical genius, plug-in guru and caramel enthusiast. Shawn pushes the technical aspects of our software to the limit and if he hits a boundary, he breaks it.


Ben Lodge

Project Lead
Modeling, Sculpting, Animating, and everything in between. For Ben, no job is too tough, no effect too tricky. If it can be done, he’ll find a way to make it happen.


Levi Krippner

3D Generalist
Levi worked for FUSE as an intern before leaving to hone his skills elsewhere, and now comes back to us with a background in architectural visualisation.


Demo Reel


FUSE Animation has many additional projects covered here in our blog. We invite you to check in with us often to see what’s new!

10 Dec 2014

Virtual Kitchen Concept

This month FUSE is featuring a new animated virtual kitchen set. There are numerous benefits to using digital sets for your products: Virtual sets are much less time consuming to create. An entire virtual set can be fully created in

18 Nov 2014

Target Holiday Wishlist App

  Target's wildly popular Christmas Wish List would have never come to fruition without the skilled artists at FUSE animation. With a super tight timeline, FUSE worked closely with the creative team at Sapient Nitro to create this mobile device

22 Oct 2014

Saucony Triumph – Animation for your Sole

  To complete the hi-tech look and feel of the Saucony Triumph launch, OLSON approached FUSE with a great concept for this animation. The idea was an abstract construction of the shoe that slowly reveals the final product. The ability

17 Sep 2014

Target Outdoors

Target approached us recently about replacing real world sets with digital ones. So, we sat down and created these photo real back yard sets. For speed and versatility, you can't miss with

17 Sep 2014

Select Comfort Memory Foam

  The challenge with this video for the viewer is to guess where the footage ends and the CG work begins. Our guys nailed it with these super realistic room


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Our offices are located in downtown Minneapolis in the trendy North Loop area.
Fuse is open from 9-5, Monday through Friday.

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